Plot for the 25th anniversary of Columbine | Four teenagers who attempted to attack a criminal school in Pennsylvania

(Pittsburgh) Four teenagers were charged with conspiracy to attack a Pennsylvania high school in 2024, on the 25th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre in Colo.

Posted on Sep 25, 2021 at 5:56 pm

A 15-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy are charged as adults and the other two teenagers as minors. Investigators added that the girl’s mother told police her daughter was “obsessed with Columbine,” the local Times-Tribune reported Friday.

“During the investigation, I would like to reassure the parents, students and staff of Dunmore High School that we do not see an active threat at the moment,” District Attorney Mark Powell said in a statement. We are relieved that this conspiracy was exposed before anyone was injured and we ask anyone who has evidence of threats of violence in the school to contact the police immediately. ”

In the girl’s apartment, a Molotov cocktail, components of bombs, writings for their manufacture and handwritten lists of firearms, ammunition and tactical equipment with prices were found, the investigators said.

The local newspaper reported that the girl’s mother and defense attorney, Corey Eagen, refused to comment, while the other teen, who was accused as an adult, did not have a lawyer during the indictment on Friday. Mr Powell declined to comment on the allegations against the two minors.

The mother of one of the youths on trial as a minor discovered text messages on her child’s cell phone on July 6, in which a group was discussing plans to “blow up the school,” the ad said. Her son told investigators that he thought it was rumbling until he saw 20 to 30 Molotov cocktails on the girl’s porch.

Dunmore Schools superintendent John Marichak told the newspaper he was dismayed but also relieved by the arrests. A statement posted on the district’s website said the authorities reassured officials that “there is currently no threat to students or employees.”

Headmaster Timothy Hopkins, who was one of the officers attacked, said he knew the two teenagers charged as adults and described them as calm children who were not offenders. He added that he had no idea why they would try to harm him other than that he is the facility’s overseer.

“It is a little unsettling to learn that something like this has been planned,” he told the Times-Tribune.

Two of the accused juveniles were transferred to the Northampton County Juvenile Justice Center on September 16, after being charged with weapons of mass destruction, terrorist threat, aggravated assault, conspiracy and possession of explosives.

The girl is also accused of risking disaster because of the threat from the explosives to her family members and neighbors, police said.

Preliminary hearings are scheduled for October 4th.

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