Police arrest Mafia leaders in Naples before leaving for Spain

(Rome) An alleged leader of the Neapolitan underworld was arrested on Saturday on a flight to Spain, Italian authorities said.

Posted on Aug 7, 2021 at 11:41 am

Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese welcomed the arrest of 70-year-old Maria Licciardi by Carabinieri, who was acting on the orders of the Naples Public Prosecutor.

According to Italian news agency ANSA, Licciardi was arrested at Ciampino Airport in Rome while checking her luggage before boarding a flight to Spain.

According to authorities, Licciardi leads the family clan’s blackmail campaigns.

“She didn’t raise an eyebrow when the police intercepted her and showed her the arrest warrant signed by the Naples Public Prosecutor,” Ansa said.

When Licciardi was first arrested in 2001, she was among the 30 most wanted lists in Italy. She was released in 2009 after serving in prison for crimes related to the underworld.

Dubbed “a piccirella” (the little one) by local criminals because of her small size, Licciardi emerged victorious from the long clan war that bleeding Naples around the turn of the century, prosecutors said.

In 2009 they called her a real “Madrina” (sponsor) of the Camorra, an Italian mafia organization. His brother is also a leader of the clan.

Blackmailing local traffickers, drug trafficking, and infiltration of tenders are the traditional sources of income for the Camorra.

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