Portrait of Macron ended up in a town hall: the yellow vest was judged in October

(Metz) The “yellow vest” arrested on Wednesday, which replaced the portrait of Emmanuel Macron with a QR code in Besançon to protest the health passport, will be brought to justice on October 21, the city’s public prosecutor said on Thursday with.

Posted on Aug 5, 2021 at 3:05 pm

Stéphane Espic, who made himself known during the “yellow vests” movement, was placed under judicial supervision for “theft and damage to public property” and was allowed to demonstrate in Besançon, the prosecutor said.

According to the same source, he will be tried in the Besançon Criminal Court on October 21.

One of his lawyers, Me David Libeskind, condemned AFP “abusive and disproportionate” allegations and a “political arrest”, adding that his client was an “eccentric personality with political claims” but “who did not commit violence”.

The “yellow vest” was arrested and taken into custody in Nancy on Wednesday after winning a portrait of Emmanuel Macron in Besançon Town Hall on Monday, which his lawyers said he had replaced with a QR code, according to a press release from his lawyers. who stated that the action was filmed and posted on Facebook.

The video visible in the group “Support for Dissidence” shows in particular the portrait of the head of state, which was pulled out of his frame and photocopy of a QR code in the form of a middle finger with the note “No to the health pass!” “.

“I don’t see any degradation,” said Me Libeskind, and qualified the file as “legally weak”: “We should get the clearance without any difficulties.”

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