possible occurrence of “more dangerous” variants according to WHO –

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns of new dangers related to the coronavirus pandemic every day. It wasn’t until Thursday that the WHO emergency committee warned that worrying new variants of the virus could spread around the world. This could further complicate the fight to end the pandemic at a time when some countries are facing a third wave. “The pandemic is far from over,” warned the committee in a statement after a meeting on Wednesday on the pandemic situation.

Commission chairman Didier Houssin told reporters that “the latest trends are worrying”. About a year and a half ago, the WHO first declared the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), its highest alert level. “We are still chasing this virus and the virus is still chasing us,” Houssin said. To date, four different worrying variants of the virus have been spread around the world, namely: alpha, beta, gamma and most importantly the fast-spreading delta variant, which was first detected in India.

The pandemic would be more difficult to control

The Emergency Response Committee warned that the worst could happen and stated “the high likelihood of occurrence and spread around the world of worrying and potentially more dangerous new variants that may be even more difficult to control”. A variant is classified as a matter of concern by the WHO if it is classified as communicable, more fatal, or has the potential to resist certain vaccines.

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