President Putin fails in discussion with students |

It takes a certain courage to publicly contradict Vladimir Putin in Russia. The action of a student during a discussion with the head of the Kremlin caused a sensation.

Vladivostok (AP) – Russian President Vladimir Putin spoiled the story during a discussion with children and asked a student to correct him.

Peter the Great (1675-1725) did not fight in the Seven Years’ War, but in the Great Northern War, which lasted 21 years, said the boy, visibly uncomfortable with the correction, at head of the Kremlin. It is true that Putin thanked him for the “little correction”. But the director berated the student for “a certain daring,” as reported in the media.

Media critical of the Kremlin and the opposition celebrated the student’s courage. Commentator Michail Fischman said that for the first time anyone dares to tell the President he is wrong. Kira Jarmysch, spokesperson for jailed Kremlin critic Alexej Navalny, criticized the teacher, who apparently believed “the school does not teach facts, but devotion and slavery”.

The excitement over the fall of September 1, the day school started in Russia across the country, was so great that Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov smoothed things over on Thursday and called the pupil of “Molodez” – in English: “splendid boys”. “It’s not cheeky at all. We categorically disagree with the headmistress of the school. ”Peskow expressed hope that the boy would not be in further trouble at school.

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