Pro-Trump governors vie for conservative decisions

(Washington) Fight against abortion, lift arms restrictions or bitter fight against anti-COVID-19 measures: three Republican governors are competing with conservative decisions with a view to the next US presidential election in the race for the Trumpists of the Trumpists.

Posted on Sep 2, 2021 at 6:39 am

Elodie CUZIN Agence France-Presse

Because just eight months after leaving the White House, the former US President Donald Trump remains the great kingmaker among the Republicans.

Admittedly, the billionaire is openly flirting with a new candidacy in the 2024 presidential election.

But while they wait for his possible announcement, which would only get much closer to that deadline, his apparent heirs are occupying the field, without confirming their presidential ambitions, by trying to win the votes of Trump voters.

With three frontline governors running for re-election in 2022: the leaders of two of the largest Republican states, Greg Abbott, governor of Texas and Ron DeSantis in Florida, and the governor of the small conservative state of South Dakota, famous for its Mount Rushmore , Kristi Noem.

“The question is not so much who will be the next Trump, but who is better able to attract Trump’s voters,” said Republican strategist John Feehery.

“Who can speak best among the working class voters who feel despised by the political establishment?” Who can win Fox’s primary viewers, the conservative broadcaster told AFP.

“Trump’s good graces”

In Texas, 63-year-old Greg Abbott signed an extremely controversial law that went into effect Wednesday that makes the vast majority of abortions illegal. On the same day, 666 new laws were passed in the vast state, including one that allows Texans to take their firearms anywhere without special permission.

In Florida, Ron DeSantis, 42, specifically restricted restrictions on the carrying of weapons and complicated access to abortion. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, he opted for a quick economic recovery after the first few months of closure.


Ron DeSantis

Kristi Noem, 49, has taken a prominent place in large Conservative gatherings and flagship shows over the past few months, and has also established herself as a potential rival.


Kristi Noem

That summer in Iowa – a traditional stop for candidates keen to show their interest in the White House – she said she “really hates” America under Democrat Joe Biden.

Surprisingly, whoever poses as a great defender of freedom in the face of anti-COVID-19 measures has also fired arrows at other Republican governors accusing them of “rewriting history” by “pretending to have.” they didn’t do it ”. closed their savings during the pandemic.

A spade that many thought was made for Ron DeSantis.

In addition to these packages of measures, the three governors regularly deal with the big issues that have set American politics on fire, such as the rights of transgender people or the anti-racism measures defended by the Democrats.

“Sometimes politics is about those who are against you rather than what you support,” Kyle Kondik, a political scientist at the University of Virginia, told AFP. “These three governors have sought a fight with the left on several occasions, and I think their activists appreciate that. ”

For the parliamentary elections scheduled for November 2022, Donald Trump has already declared his support for Greg Abbott, “a fighter”, but has not yet granted the other two his precious sponsorship.

As for the still distant 2024 presidential election, Ron DeSantis – “a great guy” according to the former president – appears to be best placed in the informal Republican polls that ignore Donald Trump.

According to John Feehery, the most important thing for Republican candidates to “stay in Trump’s goodwill and not alienate his constituents.”

But all predictions will remain purely theoretical if, as he predicts, the 45th President of the United States enters the arena:

“I think Trump will run again and win the nomination. ”

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