Process of the November 13, 2015 attacks | New Abdeslam scandal exonerating some of the co-defendants

(Paris) The second day of the historic trial of the November 13, 2015 attacks before the Paris Special Court opened on Thursday with a new scandal surrounding his main defendant Salah Abdeslam, who took the floor to acquit three of his co-defendants.

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Alain JEAN-ROBERT and Anne-Sophie LASSERRE Agence France-Presse

The sole survivor of the commandos, which left 130 dead and hundreds wounded in Paris and Saint-Denis (in the northern suburbs of the capital), was already very vengeful the day before and took part in the debates about the admissibility of certain civil parties.

“Will the victims have been in Syria and Iraq, will they be able to speak? », Vituperated Salah Abdeslam, dark hair combed back, wearing a white sweater with color streaks.

“We’re leaving the debate, Mr Abdeslam,” said court president Jean-Louis Périès for the first time.

“Don’t be selfish, sir,” replied the 31-year-old defendant. “There are other people here who want to listen to me,” added Salah Abdeslam, and then cleared three of his co-defendants, Mohammed Amri, Hamza Attou and Ali Oulkadi.

“They served me when they knew nothing” of his possible responsibility in the attacks, he announced. “You did nothing,” the French-Moroccan hammered before his microphone was cut off.


“You had five years to explain yourself, you didn’t want to make any statements about what it is your right to do. I now understand that you wanted to do it, and that is very good, but this is not the right time, ”said the President angrily before suspending the hearing.

“Why do you want him (Abdeslam) to deprive himself of that platform?” He is a Daesh fighter. But it offends the victims, the impact these statements have on the victims is shocking, ”said Samia Maktouf, a lawyer for 40 civil parties, responding on the sidelines of the hearing.

The court then reopened appeals from people who wanted to become a civil party and had not done so by then, and examined their validity. They could be added to the nearly 1,800 civil parties already registered in this Titanic case.

The first day of the trial, which is supposed to last nine months, was marked by the abuse of Salah Abdeslam, who was arrested in Belgium in March 2016, charged with complicity in terrorist crimes and faces life imprisonment.

In his first speech on Wednesday, he claimed “to have given up every job to become a fighter for the Islamic State”.

Salah Abdeslam took advantage of the brief discomfort of one of his co-defendants, launched a hate speech against the French judicial system and criticized the conditions of his detention.

“I have been treated like a dog for six years. I have never complained because I know that after the resuscitation we will be held accountable, added the defendant, who has been detained in complete isolation and under video surveillance 24 hours a day for more than five years. .

” Would ”

Undeterred, the court president replied that this place of jurisdiction was not an “ecclesiastical court”, but “a democratic court”.

The November 13 trial, slated to end in late May 2022, is the largest criminal justice hearing ever organized in France.

The testimony of survivors and relatives of the victims is expected on September 28 for five weeks.

Before the opening of the debates on Wednesday, the President of the Court wanted to solemnly remind in an unusual way of the rules of criminal proceedings, in particular “respect for the rights of every individual, starting with the rights of the defense”, invitation to all parties “to keep this finality in mind keep” […] to keep justice in its dignity ”.

Six years after the nightmarish night around the Stade de France, on the terraces of several Parisian cafés and restaurants and in the Bataclan concert hall, eleven defendants sit in the box and three appear freely under judicial supervision.

Six other defendants are on trial in absentia, including the school principal and jihad veteran Osama Atar and the French “voices” of the ISIS indictment, the brothers Fabien and Jean-Michel Clain, all three allegedly dead in Syria.

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