Putin says why he didn’t get infected after self-isolating

Russian President Vladimir ended his quarantine after self-isolating after discovering numerous positive cases of Covid-19 in his wake. After the end of his quarantine, he met his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan this Wednesday. During an exchange between the two leaders, Putin hinted that he himself avoids infection thanks to high levels of antibodies in his body. About 30 people around him have contracted Covid-19, including his aide, Putin announced.

“I actually did a real experiment. I’ve done it myself. Around 30 people around me fell ill because they delayed their re-vaccination, ”said Putin Erdogan after their talks in his Bocharov Ruchei residence in Sochi. “My adjutant, with whom I worked from morning to night, got sick. My titles are high. Thank god I was lucky, ”said the president. The Russian head of state was vaccinated against the corona virus in March last year. He later announced that he had received the Sputnik-V vaccine from Russia.

Putin is confused

The Turkish president also wanted to know how high Putin’s antibodies are. “I don’t remember. You count them in different ways. It’s something like 15-16,” said the Russian President. Erdogan then ironically said that the 15-16 indicator was low. “I had over 1,100,” he says. “No, he is high. The doctors told me that I have a high level. The measure is different,” replied the Russian President. “My titles are high. Even if I had spent a whole day with an infected person , I would not have been ill, “he added.

Putin advised his Turkish counterpart not to postpone the re-vaccination and recommended the Russian vaccine. “The next time you get vaccinated, first of all do it on time and secondly do better with Sputnik,” advised Putin with a laugh. Erdogan claimed he had already done this with Pfizer-BioNTech.

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