Queues and mishaps: elections in Berlin with obstacles |

There are four decisions for the voters of Berlin to make. Together with the necessary hygiene measures, this guarantees queues in front of the polling stations – plus a few breakdowns.

Berlin (dpa) – During the elections in Berlin, there were long lines outside many polling stations across the city on Sunday. Eligible voters sometimes had to queue to the cross in the voting booth for more than an hour.

Mitte District has reported wait times of over two hours for polling station 100 at times. There are four decisions to be made with a significant number of ballots, some of which are long. In addition to the elections to the Bundestag, there is also the election to the House of Representatives. In addition, more than twelve district parliaments will be redefined. In addition, voters can vote on whether to expropriate large housing groups with more than 3,000 apartments. According to state electoral control, there have never been so many votes in one day in Berlin.

Until the polls close at 6 p.m., according to information from the office of the regional returning officer, who will be in the queue in time to be able to vote. Corona-related hygiene measures also cause delays. In addition, many election workers jumped, who had to be replaced by successors.

There were also delays due to breakdowns. In some polling stations, the ballots for the elections to the House of Representatives of the districts of Friedrichshain / Kreuzberg and Charlottenburg / Wilmersdorf were exchanged. Until the correct ballots were received, the polling stations had to temporarily close.

It was only with the help of firefighters that voters from two polling stations in Mitte were able to get to the voting booths and vote. Due to problems with the electronic locking system, the electoral team did not arrive on time at the north cafeteria building of the Studierendenwerk with polling stations 102 and 106 as planned by the German press agency in Berlin .

After the 2257 polling stations close, the count should begin. 2.45 million people have the right to vote in the House of Representatives. At lunchtime, there was a slight increase in attendance. According to reports, 27.4 percent of those eligible to vote went to the polls before noon. In the 2017 federal election, it was 27.2%.

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