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Opponents of the corona measures marched through the capital only at the beginning of the month, although many protests were banned. The police have also prepared meetings this weekend.

Berlin (dpa) – Despite numerous bans on demonstrations this weekend, the Berlin police have prepared for operations with opponents of the corona policy.

Police say around 2,000 forces are ready on Saturday, including support from Baden-Württemberg, Lower Saxony, Bavaria and Saxony.

In the morning, the situation was still calm. A group of 20-30 people gathered in Ku’damm and were stopped by the police. Large parts of the government quarter have been cordoned off.

Police had banned nine demonstrations, including “Lateral Thinking Initiative” rallies on Straße des 17. Juni. The administrative court rejected three urgent petitions against the bans and granted one: A meeting with 500 expected participants each, registered for Saturday and Sunday, can take place. This event has been notified by Telegram.

In addition, the “Train of Love” crosses Berlin on Saturday afternoon. The organizer expects around 10,000 people to attend the demo with house and techno music.

The police assume that a large number of people will not respect the ban on demonstrations. This is why it will be necessary “to enforce the ban on meeting, to be properly present and, in particular, to protect the government quarter”, it was said before the demonstrations.

Security authorities are also particularly vigilant as a year ago, on August 29, 2020, tens of thousands of people in Berlin demonstrated against Corona restrictions. In the evening, demonstrators broke a cordon in the Reichstag building, harassed outnumbered security guards and temporarily occupied a staircase in front of an entrance. The images of it sparked widespread outrage and caused a stir internationally as well.

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