Report: Several missiles fired at Kabul airport |

According to media reports, several rockets were fired at Kabul airport. Nothing is currently known about possible victims or damage.

Kabul (dpa) – According to a press report, there was a rocket attack in the Afghan capital Kabul. On Monday morning (local time), several rockets were fired at the airport from the Chachanah area north of the city, local television station ToloNews wrote, citing eyewitnesses on Twitter.

CNN broadcaster reported, citing US government officials, that at least five rockets were fired at the airport.

Initially, there was no information on possible casualties or damage. The airport has a missile defense system. It was only tested a few weeks ago. Videos were shared on social media allegedly showing a burning car from which the rockets were allegedly fired.

US President Joe Biden on Sunday warned of possible additional attacks around Kabul airport. At least 13 US soldiers and two British soldiers were killed Thursday in an attack by Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia at Kabul airport. News about Afghan deaths fluctuates, broadcasters like CNN have reported as many as 200 dead.

ISIS has repeatedly attacked various targets in Kabul with rockets in the past. US troops want to have left Afghanistan by Tuesday.

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