Request for vaccination from the authorities –

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage in Benin. The director of the National Agency for Primary Health Care (ANSSP), Thierry Lawalé, speaks of the resurgence of the disease. “In the last few weeks we have seen an upswing in Covid-19, which has prompted us to urge our compatriots to be particularly vigilant, not only through the administration of vaccination doses, but also through preventive measures, namely the wearing of masks, distancing and hand washing” recently stated M Lawalé following comments reported by the New China Agency.

Provide different types of vaccines

He clearly urges his compatriots to get vaccinated and continue to comply with the lockdown measures. Regarding vaccinations, the director of the ANSSP announced that the Beninese government is considering making different types of vaccines available to allow the population to choose which solution to administer. Thierry Lawalé also claims that vaccinations are the only preventive means against the disease, especially since there is a new wave of Covid in countries near Benin.

“We are very interested in vaccination, which appears to be the only preventive tool that can allow us not only to contain the transmission of the disease but also not to develop the disease,” he said. Recall that Benin started its vaccination campaign against Covid-19 last March, but according to DG ANSSP only 21,405 people have been fully vaccinated so far. In an effort to raise awareness, he will say that if the vaccinated were recontaminated, they would not develop a severe form of the disease.

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