Reservists are said to have formed a far-right group |

Searches in three Länder, discoveries of weapons and ammunition: the Lüneburg prosecutor’s office is investigating the case of a suspected military sports group. Reservists should also be among the members.

Hanover / Lüneburg (dpa) – The Lüneburg public prosecutor’s office is investigating several Bundeswehr reservists who have allegedly formed a right-wing military sports group.

Police were previously known to have searched several objects of suspected right-wing extremists in three federal states as part of a large-scale operation. There are a total of nine suspects, including six reservists, said a spokeswoman for the Lüneburg prosecutor’s office on Friday. Seven suspects were searched, including four reservists. The “Spiegel” had already signaled.

Police found weapons, weapon parts and ammunition, the prosecution spokeswoman said. A “not insignificant proportion” of the weapons must first be examined, so far she has not been able to say anything about the finds. The investigation is continuing. The suspects are male and between the ages of 37 and 53.

According to the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior, searches took place in Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin on Wednesday. The locations were not mentioned, in Lower Saxony it is the area of ​​the police services of Lüneburg and Hanover. According to the ministry, there were around 200 police and special forces under the leadership of the Lower Saxony National Criminal Police Office.

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