Retouched photos must be reported in Norway

In Norway, it will now be mandatory to report Instagram photos that have been edited. In fact, in the face of the phenomenon of “traps” in social networks where personalities abuse retouching and filters, the government has decided to take certain measures. The idea is to limit the harmful effects of these multiple touch-ups on young people.

Norway seems to fear the effect of social media on the new generation. In fact, young people are faced with models of beauty that do not exist and do everything possible to look like them. A decision well understood by some influencers, like Jennie Sofie Lie Pickl, who easily recognizes the trap.

Norway legislates on social media

Private photos are not affected by this new measure. Therefore, only the photos visible to the general public are selected. Ultimately, this could help young people to improve their self-esteem, their body and their appearance. Passed in Parliament, this law will soon be voted on in the Senate before being implemented.

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