Return of the Taliban | Joe Biden “resolutely” defends the American withdrawal from Afghanistan

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(Washington) Target of sharp criticism after the fall of Kabul, President Joe Biden on Monday “vigorously defended” his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan and assured that Washington’s mission has never been in the unstable country that has fallen back into the hands of the Taliban to build a national democracy.

Posted on Aug 16, 2021 at 11:19 am Updated at 4:36 pm

“After 20 years, I have reluctantly learned that there is never a good time to withdraw American troops,” said the American president in a speech to the nation that was given in the House of Representatives. White and because of the President’s silence during the historic weekend.

“It all happened faster than expected,” he admitted after having to interrupt his vacation given the scale of the controversy.

“Our mission in Afghanistan was never aimed at building a nation. It was never intended to create a centralized unitary democracy, “said the Democratic president, adding that the only goal” has remained and always has been to prevent a terrorist attack on American soil. ”

In view of the prevailing chaos, the tenant of the White House threatened the Taliban with reprisals on Monday if they disrupted the ongoing evacuation operations at Kabul Airport.


Joe Biden attends the Camp David meeting on Sunday

In the event of an attack, the response will be “quick and powerful,” said Biden, vowing to defend US citizens with “devastating use of force if necessary”.

The US will continue to stand up for the “women and girls” of Afghanistan, promised Joe Biden on Monday and called the scenes in Afghanistan “heartbreaking”.

As soon as his speech was finished, Mr. Biden continued his trip to Camp David, the vacation resort of the American presidents not far from the federal capital.

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