RKI Report: Immunization Rates Almost No Longer Increase |

According to the RKI, at least 85% of 12 to 59 year olds and 90% of seniors over 60 should be fully immunized against a fourth wave. But the vaccination rate hardly increases any more.

Berlin (dpa) – In Germany, vaccination fatigue is spreading noticeably in the corona pandemic. According to the latest Robert Koch Institute weekly report from Thursday evening, the proportion of fully vaccinated German citizens was around 61% compared to the previous week (59%). From the end of July to the end of August, the vaccination rate only increased by about 10%.

Overall, at the end of midsummer, it does not come close to the values ​​the RKI deemed desirable in July. According to modeling designed at the time, at least 85% of those aged 12 to 59 and 90% of those aged 60 and over should be fully immunized, so a pronounced fourth wave with full intensive care units in fall and winter is unlikely.

Drosten sounds the alarm

For Charité virologist Christian Drosten, current vaccination rates are not sufficient. “We cannot go into autumn with this quota,” he told Deutschlandfunk on Thursday. In general, however, you can get vaccinated outside of the pandemic.

Regionally, vaccination rates in Germany differ considerably. The range varied in early September for fully vaccinated people from 52% in Saxony to 71% in Bremen, according to the report.

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