Russia announces Lebedev, a pistol capable of firing any ammunition

The Russian arms manufacturer of the Kalashnikov Group has developed a latest Lebedev pistol that can fire any 9 × 19mm caliber ammunition. The announcement was made Tuesday by Kalashnikov Executive Vice President and Chief Designer Sergey Urzhumtsev. “All modifications of the Lebedev pistol are universal for pistol ammunition. It can fire both standard 9x19mm Luger cartridges and 7H21 armor-piercing cartridges, ”said the deputy general manager.

Urzhumtsev said the gun also stands out from its foreign competitors for its improved ergonomics. “The Lebedev pistol is in the same category with similar versions in weight and dimensional characteristics but I would like to once again emphasize the ergonomics of this pistol and therefore its better handling, increased combat efficiency and its rate of fire,” he added. .

“Work is underway to choose a collimator”

Designers are currently studying the possibility of mounting a collimator sight on the pistol. “Now, work is under way to choose a special small-size collimator,” said the chief designer. The Lebedev pistol is the latest small arms combat pistol developed by the Kalashnikov Group, the creators of the internationally renowned AK-47 assault rifle. The Kalashnikov Group will also develop a super-compact version of the latest pistol, the chief designer said, as well as creating a whole family of small arms based on the model.

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