Russia claims to be 7 years ahead of the world

Among world powers, Russia is a nation to be reckoned with. In recent years, Vladimir Putin’s country has shown on various levels that it is one of the great nations, especially in areas related to technology and health. The technological advances of the country are very often the pride of the number one Russian who does not stop emphasizing it whenever he has the opportunity.

As a reminder, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the world’s “first” Covid-19 vaccine made in Russia last year. During a session on the development of the space industry, President Putin spoke once again about the technological prowess of his country in this field and focused on strengthening the ground infrastructure with the aim of developing the space industry.

“We have made significant progress in developing unique space nuclear power technologies. According to specialists, Russia is 6 to 7 years ahead of all its competitors worldwide, ”said the Kremlin strongman. For him, this is a good achievement and should serve to drive the development of promising technological solutions and to support cutting-edge scientific research in cosmonautics.

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