Russia has disconnected from the global network to test its system

It is obvious that Russia is trying to have its own Internet network. In fact, according to information reported by some media in this country, tests have been carried out in recent weeks. RBC paid particular attention to the various tests that were carried out on this network, which resulted in the physical disconnection of the Russian segment of the global network.

One month trial

According to documents consulted by the newspaper, a test was carried out from June 15 to July 15. The objective was to ensure the stable, secure and full functioning of the Internet. “The purpose of the exercise is to determine if Runet can function in the event of external distortions, freezes and other threats. The official results have not yet been summarized, the exercises were previously recognized as successful, ”a source told Russian media.

The sovereignty of the Runet

A few years ago, legislation was passed to establish the sovereignty of the Runet in the country. All Russian operators were forced to use certain specific equipment. The Roskomnadzor, which is the Russian regulatory authority, will be able to control the routing of traffic. This structure will also have, thanks to this team, the power to block access to prohibited content in the country.

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