Russia wants to grow plants aboard the ISS

After NASA, which has successfully grown some vegetables aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and still has other experiments underway, Russia also wants to conduct a similar experiment aboard the ISS. Called Vitacycle-T, the experiment involves growing plants on an industrial scale in the Russian Nauka research module aboard the ISS, the head of the biomedical laboratory at the Institute of Biomedical Problems at the Russian Academy of Sciences told Tass agency. . Yuri Smirnov.

“The Vitacycle-T experiment plans to create a greenhouse to grow plants on an industrial scale,” said the researcher. He said a space greenhouse, which resembles a snail in profile, will be delivered to the orbital outpost to conduct the experiment. “A cosmonaut will plant a strip of seeds in the greenhouse at certain intervals. Then he will spin a drum and put on the next strip after a while. Cosmonauts will be able to harvest at specific times. In the first experiment, Napa cabbage will be grown, for example, ”explained Smirnov.

The astronauts will be able to eat it.

The researcher clarified that some cultivated plants will be delivered to Earth for study, although cosmonauts will be able to use them in space. “Naturally, no one prohibits cosmonauts from using the harvest collected during space flights in their diet,” said the expert. In the future, Russian cosmonauts will be able to grow cereals, legumes and dwarf tomatoes, he added.

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