Russia warns Apple about its market position

The Federal Antitrust Service of Russia (FAS) warned Apple of abusing its dominant position in the iOS application distribution market. “Russia’s FAS has warned Apple to remove signs of violations. The company must comply before September 30, 2021, “read a message from the service on Monday. The antitrust watchdog reported that it had received inquiries from iOS users and app developers about cases where products were less on a seller’s website, as opposed to Apple, where iPhone or iPad apps are much more faces.

As a result, Apple charges a commission of 15% to 30% for each payment in the App Store, but users are not notified about the possibility of making purchases outside of it. According to the App Store guidelines that iOS app developers must follow, it is prohibited to notify app users about another payment method for an item. This includes information in any form, including links to the developer’s site or a registration or service form that leads to the website in a browser.

Limitation of developer independence

The tech giant does not allow applications with such characteristics on the market, forcing developers to remove links or change the functionality of the application so that the registration form does not lead to external sites. Therefore, it limits the independence of developers, which has a negative impact on competition and could lead to an increase in product prices by developers, the FAS noted.

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