Russia will help Tunisia send astronauts into space

This is the first time that Tunisia intends to achieve with the help of Russia. In fact, the country wants to send what could be the first astronaut in Africa into space through a project by the engineering company Telnet. On Friday, August 13, 2021, the latter signed an agreement with the Russian space agency to send an astronaut by 2023.

This is not the first project between Tunisia and Russia

Anis Youssef, Director of Innovation at Telnet, outlined the steps to take before achieving this goal. “At the end of the year there will be a first selection of candidates. Second and third quarter of 2022, there will be training sessions. And between the end of the year 2022 and the beginning of the year 2023, the Tunisian astronaut will be sent into space ”, he indicated. It should be noted that the project was approved by the Tunisian State, since the Head of State Kaïs Saïed supervised, by videoconference, the signing of the agreement between the two parties. For the record, this is not the first project between Tunisia and Russia. According to Anis Youssef, several other projects are being carried out with Moscow “in the field of telecommunications and Earth observations”.

Male and female engineers worked on this project

Telnet and the Russian space agency launched the first satellite designed on Tunisian soil, Challenge One, into orbit during the month of March. It must be said that both parties are working in favor of diversity, since it was engineers and engineers who worked on this draft. According to Telnet’s director of innovation, “the team that worked on Challenge One is a mixed and multidisciplinary team made up of engineers and women who have worked in specialized areas in space.”

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