Russian spy ship worries US and European allies

A Russian spy ship built to carry out clandestine underwater missions, Yantar, surprises when it appears off the western coast. He had previously been seen conducting operations off Syria, the Persian Gulf, the Americas, and elsewhere. He was recently seen off the Irish coast, lounging near undersea internet cables. A spokesman for the Irish Defense Forces said the Irish Navy was aware of the ship.

The ship carries a range of submersibles and deep diving sonar systems and was previously suspected of operating submarine cables. Yantar took a stationary position between two undersea Internet cables more than a week ago. According to the AIS (Automatic Identification System) positions compiled by, the vessel moved to a position between the cables and remained there for almost a day. In the hours leading up to the stop, he had changed course to follow the planned route of the Celtic Nordic submarine cable. The other nearby cable is the AEConnect-1 that connects Ireland and the United States. There may be additional underwater infrastructure nearby, according to Navalnews.

A civilian vessel was suspected of having inspected a cable

Recently it has been suspected that other vessels were conducting inspections near submarine cables. On August 15, The Times reported that an investigation into the unauthorized underwater work was underway. A civilian ship was suspected of having inspected a cable on behalf of Russia. While Yantar’s current mission is not directly related, it is part of the bigger picture. Based on previous operating models, Yantar is likely to be deployed over several months and conduct multiple investigations, often near internet cables.

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