Satellite connection would not be available everywhere –

The functionality related to a satellite connection of the iPhone 13 will be possible. The only clarification that must be made is that it would not be systematic in all countries and is only reserved for emergency messages. This update on the upcoming Apple brand launch was made by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman.

The answer is a big no. This will not happen now, next year or in the near future ”, reported the journalist, stating that satellite communication will only be possible in areas where there is no network coverage. As the area mentioned by the journalist, we can cite the sierra or the more rural regions. However, the US media journalist Bloomberg will point out that the apple brand has plans to launch its own satellite network.

A false alarm …?

So this would have the merit of allowing a connection to the data. However, Mark Gurman insisted that it will take several years to achieve this goal. Recall that the updates from the Bloomberg reporter come after a report by Ming Chi Kuo, a Taiwanese financial analyst and Apple project expert. He actually prophesied the arrival of an iPhone 13 satellite connection.

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