Saxony bans special gender characters in schools |

The Conservatives often warn against “linguistic police”. Everyone has the right to speak or write as they wish, they say. Today, a CDU-led ministry in Saxony dares to take the opposite approach.

Dresden (dpa) – In the future, Saxon schools will no longer use special characters for a gender-neutral language. A corresponding letter to the school principal had been sent before the start of the school year, a ministry spokeswoman said on request.

This includes official letters, letters to parents, and educational materials. Depending on the recommended action, characters such as gender asterisks, colons, or underscores should be removed completely. These special characters did not meet criteria for gender-sensitive spelling, or current official regulatory requirements, according to the letter. The “Leipziger Volkszeitung” had already reported.

Instead, the ministry recommends the use of paired forms such as “students” or gender-neutral formulations such as teachers. The goal is understandable and gender-appropriate language, he said. Above all, the regulation aims to create clarity, said a spokesperson. But there should be no controls or sanctions.

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