Surface treatment, laser treatment, injectables, and tropical scar products are being utilized on a huge scale for the treatment of a scar. Market players are moreover working at formulating sprays oils, gels and new creams with fast results and no side-effects. Fresh formulations are being brought in by market players to provide an enhanced product as well as stay competitive in the worldwide market for scar treatment.

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The global market for scar treatment is figured to capture an evaluation exceeding revenue shares of US$ XX Million before the end of 2025. Region-wise, North America market is estimated to be coming out as the dominating market in the overall market for the duration 2017-2025.

The region is projected to set off over revenue share of US$ XX in the U.S. region, is boosting the region’s market growth. Furthermore, the extent of surgeries carried through in the region is expanding on year on year basis. As a result, modern treatments are being made to care for diverse varieties of scars in the region.

By product type, the worldwide market is categorized into injectable products, laser products (includes pulse-dyed laser, excimer laser and CO2 laser), topical products(includes silicone gel sheets, oils, gels and creams) and surface treatment products. Of these, topical scar products comprising oils, sheets, gels and creams are expected to remain largely used by consumers on a huge scale. The topical scar product type category is likely to capture over US$ XX Million in revenue terms towards the end of the assessment year 2025.

By scar type, the worldwide market is categorized into stretch marks, contractures, hypertrophic scars & keloids and atrophic scars(includes trauma and injuries, acne, rolling acne, boxcar acne and ice pick acne. In terms of the application, the scar treatment is likely to be utilized extensively to care for atrophic scars that consist of scars induced by surgery and trauma and acne. The atrophic scars category is anticipated to account for about US$ XX Million in revenue terms through the end of the assessment period.

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By end users, the worldwide market includes E-Commerce, Pharmacies as well as Retail Drug Stores, Private Clinics and Hospitals. Of these, the hospital’s segment is likely to come out as the biggest user of the scar treatments. The category as end users is anticipated to outdo US$ XX Million in revenue terms through the end of the said period.

The foremost market players active in the global market for scar treatment include Pacific World Corporation, Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc., Merz Pharma GmbH & Co. KGaA, Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc., Avita Medical Limited, Enaltus, LLC, Scarguard Labs LLC, CCA industries Inc, Revitol Corporation Inc., Quantum, Inc. and others.

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