Scientists want to bring mammoths back to life

Did the mammoth soon come back to life? In fact, geneticists are trying to bring this prehistoric animal back to life. The methods and techniques of current genetics seem to make this crazy project possible. For some scientists, it could help fight global warming.

Asked by National Geographic, Ben Mezrich explained that in Siberia, researchers were currently working on this project. However, the latter did not stop exposing fears related to the ethics of a project of this type, although current technologies allow us to think about it very seriously. In fact, CRISPR allows genes to be placed in the genome of living beings.

The Woolly Mammoth, Risen?

But why such a project? In Russia, permafrost melts and releases huge amounts of CO2. A study by Sergei and Nikita Zimov, who reintroduced Pleistocene animals to a certain area. In this way, bison, reindeer and Yakut horses were placed in the place. As a result, the temperature of the permafrost has dropped by 9.4 degrees.

A feasible project within 2 to 3 years.

Therefore, the reintroduction of the woolly mammoth could be especially helpful. To do this, you must sequence your DNA. Then you have its genome, which is substantially similar to that of the Asian elephant. So it might be interesting to place the genes of a woolly mammoth, in an Asian elephant embryo, to bring it back to life. In 2 to 3 years, this crazy project could be completed.

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