“Sea-Eye 4” is allowed to dock with migrants by boat in Sicily |

People have taken a life-threatening trip. Rescuers at sea are now allowed to go with them to a port in Sicily.

Rome (AP) – Regensburg humanitarian organization Sea-Eye is authorized to head to a port on the Italian island of Sicily with nearly 30 people rescued in the Mediterranean. Rescuers at sea wrote this on Twitter on Sunday.

According to the organization, the operations management decided Thursday evening to put people to safety and to head for Sicily. Two very pregnant women and four babies should be treated immediately ashore and medically. According to Sea-Eye, the Italian coast guard initially did not take over the coordination and seized the German authorities. The ship is now authorized to dock in Porto Empedocle.

Migrants and refugees often leave the Libyan or Tunisian coasts. Above all, they want to reach Italy and therefore the EU in the hope of a better life. Crossing in often crowded boats is dangerous. Barges are sometimes unable to maneuver or capsize in the open sea. According to the UN, 1,100 migrants have died in the central Mediterranean this year.

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