Serious cases are increasing by the hour (Benjamin Hounkpatin)

The Minister of Health makes no fuss: Vaccinations do not prevent infection with Covid-19. But they no longer develop severe forms of the disease that are at risk of death. Benjamin Hounkpatin wanted to announce it on national television yesterday, Sunday, August 15.

Unfortunately, these severe forms of the disease have recently been increasing along with the number of positive cases. In the Allada care center, which the minister said he visited on Saturday and Sunday, the situation is quite tense, as the number of serious cases is increasing “hour by hour”. Young subjects, a priori without a history, but affected in almost all unvaccinated cases. “Those who were able to discuss things with me and who were a little better regretted not being able to perceive this gesture, the vaccination. Because they realized that was what got them there. The vaccination reduces the risk of developing severe forms, ”stressed the minister.

Severe cases are unvaccinated subjects

“Almost all serious cases that we record at the foster homes are unvaccinated people,” he continues. Note that the number of people with Covid-19 in Benin has been increasing sharply for two months. According to the Minister of Health, “we have grown from a hundred cases a week just under two months ago to more than a thousand cases”.

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