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Berlin (dpa) – The main Greens accused the Union of lack of discretion ahead of Tuesday’s joint exploratory meeting. Confidentiality had been agreed to at all rounds, said on Tuesday the federal politician of the Greens, Michael Kellner, on RTL / ntv “early start”.

“The fact that the communication then takes place via the ‘Bild’ newspaper does not shed a good light on the situation in the Union,” said Kellner, a member of the ten-person Greens exploration team. It was “remarkable” that something had become known from the Union’s only exploratory meeting – the one with the FDP on Sunday. “It really irritated us.” When asked if he was worried about today’s talks between the Greens and the Union, if everything would be kept secret, he replied: “Yes, I am worried”.

The first series of exploratory talks on a new government ends with the meeting of the Union and the Greens in the morning (11am). Green politicians Cem Özdemir and Jürgen Trittin expressed doubts about the negotiating capacity of the CDU and CSU. The fact that the results of the meeting between the Union and the FDP were leaked is not exactly a vote of confidence and a “sign of internal management problems”, Özdemir said on Tuesday on “RTL Direkt”. It is a signal that the Union has a huge problem.

Conversational content found in media reports

Trittin said: “The decisive point today will be whether the CDU is really willing and able to enter into such negotiations and corresponding agreements.” “Germany just cannot afford a month-long clarification process,” he told Deutschlandfunk. The politician, who is part of the left wing of the party, pointed out the dividing lines: “We also know how high the obstacles are. And then it depends a lot on whether and to what extent there are negotiating and contractual partners on both sides. Özdemir and Trittin are not part of the inner circle exploration, but are part of the Greens’ extended exploration team.

After talks on forming a government, several FDP politicians accused the Union of violating agreed confidentiality as information reached the media. “Last weekend there were three exploratory talks that I also participated in for the FDP. From two you read and hear nothing. One of the alleged contents of a conversation with the media is pierced, ”FDP party vice-chairman Johannes Vogel wrote on Twitter on Monday. “It comes out, dear Union – and it’s boring! “

The “Bild” newspaper had previously reported that several politicians present at the talks between the Union and the FDP had reported that the FDP had made it clear that it was ready for Jamaica. After the talks between the Union, the Greens and the FDP, which failed in 2017 and were characterized by numerous indiscretions, the Greens and the FDP now rely on the strict confidentiality of the deliberations between the parties. Due to internal quarrels after the historic crash of the federal elections, the Union is accused of giving an image that cannot be governed.

Today explorations between the Greens and the Union

Leaders of the CDU and CSU met on Tuesday morning in Berlin for preliminary discussions. CDU boss Armin Laschet, CSU president Markus Söder and other members of exploration teams from both sides did not comment on the content of the deliberations when they arrived at the site of the explorations, the campus. Euref – it had been agreed not to disclose. Saxony-Anhalt’s Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU) said when a reporter asked him what his mood was that day: “Always in a good mood. I am from Saxony-Anhalt. “

In the context of Laschet’s announcement – he offers the Greens and the FDP a “future coalition” – the choice of the venue for the conference must also be a signal to the two possible government partners. The campus presents itself as a “place of the future” where 5,000 people research and work on the themes of energy, mobility and sustainable development.

The Greens also met for preliminary discussions – they met in the “Les Verts” restaurant on campus. Upon arrival, Baerbock said when asked by a reporter if she was optimistic: “I still am.” And when asked what mood she was in for the interviews: “In a good mood.”

Kellner: “Big differences” for the Union

The Greens aspire to a traffic light coalition with the SPD and the FDP, but do not rule out an alliance with the Union and the FDP. The FDP shows its penchant for the Union, but has not yet committed. A Jamaican coalition – named after the colors of Jamaica’s black, yellow, green flag – is seen as the only chance for Union Chancellor candidate Laschet to save the Union Chancellery after all. After the talks between the Union and the Greens, it should become clear rather quickly whether further rounds of talks are needed before a decision can be taken on the start of formal coalition negotiations. All parties have announced that there will not be a long suspended match. In Berlin, it was expected that a traffic light government made up of the SPD, Greens and FDP would initially be negotiated.

The director general of the Greens, Kellner, underlined on RTL / ntv “the early start” “big differences” between the Greens and the Union in terms of social policy, social issues and migration. When it comes to climate protection, however, he sees the first signs of movement: “I heard you say, well, now we want to make progress on climate protection.” Kellner expects a quick decision for the three-way talks. “I am optimistic that we can take a big step forward this week,” he said. He was equally convinced that the Greens and the FDP would agree on a common solution. He didn’t want to say whether the two sides will sit down.

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