Seven-day incidence has become obsolete in Bavaria |

So far, the incidence value has been used as a guideline to tighten or relax anti-corona measures. In Bavaria, this will no longer apply in the future.

Munich (dpa) – In Bavaria completely new anti-corona rules will apply in the future: the FFP2 mask requirement, general contact restrictions, but also curfews in restaurants and customer restrictions in retail trade are no longer applicable.

Moreover, after Tuesday’s cabinet decision, the incidence of seven days as a benchmark for stepping up anti-corona measures has all but become obsolete. Instead, according to Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), the 3G principle applies to all levels inside: only those who have been vaccinated, who have recovered or who have had a negative test will have access. to a wide range of public and private facilities. . Exceptions to the 3G rule apply, for example, to retail and local public transport.

Using the clinic as a reference

Instead, more stringent anti-corona measures will depend on the occupancy of the clinic in the future. The new hospital traffic light turns yellow if more than 1,200 patients with corona disease are to be admitted to hospitals in Bavaria within seven days. Then the state government wants to decide on other measures – such as reverting the FFP2 mask requirement or contact restrictions. The traffic light turns red when more than 600 corona patients are in intensive care units in Bavaria – then anti-corona measures should be stepped up again. Söder spoke of a “new chapter” in the fight against the corona virus.

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