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Full restaurants, pubs and clubs: it’s possible again in Hamburg since Saturday. But only for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered. People tested should stay outside. Some think it’s good, others don’t.

Hamburg (dpa) – In Hamburg there is a split response to the 2G model in the corona pandemic, which has been possible since Saturday.

While some pubs, restaurants and especially clubs welcome the offer, others tend to decline it. “Most of my guests are vaccinated and are just waiting to be able to sit inside again,” said Andreas Neumann, managing director of the “Hardy’s” restaurant at Hamburg-Hoheluft, the German news agency. It will therefore switch to 2G from October when all its employees will be vaccinated. With the new 2G model, then there could be room for more than twice as many guests in the football bar.

The 2G option model that has been in effect in Hamburg since Saturday is so far unique in Germany. Organizers and hosts can thus decide for themselves whether to let in only vaccinated and convalescent people, who are then largely exempt from the corona restrictions, or whether they wish to continue using the 3G model – that is, – say also accept current tests. If you want to participate, you must register through a website. Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) justified the Senate decision by stating that those who had been vaccinated and those who had recovered did not have a significant part in the infection process compared to those who had not. been vaccinated.

Other restaurateurs, including celebrity chefs Steffen Henssler and Tim Mälzer, want their restaurants to remain open to all customers. The situation is similar on the club scene and on the Reeperbahn. While Olivia Jones, who runs a few bars in the Kiez, points out on Instagram that the 2G model is just an alternative that is currently not an option for many restaurateurs, others are rejoicing at the new possibilities. “This only works economically for us with full use,” says Julius Horn of the “Freundlich + Kompetenz” bar in Hamburg-Barmbek.

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