Silvio Berlusconi leaves the hospital after further examinations

(Rome) Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, 84 years old and who has been increasing hospital stays since the beginning of the year, was discharged from the Milan hospital on Friday, where he suffered a series of “examinations,” a spokesman told AFP.

Posted on Aug 27, 2021 at 7:43 am Updated at 10:41 am

He’s “out,” he told AFP. “The hospital stay was necessary to carry out a thorough clinical evaluation,” he said earlier in the day, confirming several Italian media reports that he has been in the renowned San Raffaele Hospital in Milan (North) since Thursday.

The media mogul has already been hospitalized four times this year, most recently in May, due to complications from his coronavirus infection last year.

In January, he spent several days at the Monaco Cardiothoracic Center for an arrhythmia problem, and in September 2020 he was hospitalized with a lung infection due to COVID-19.

However, the Cavaliere, who is still MEP and still President of the Forza Italia party he founded, does not seem to have lost his political fighting spirit and has made a number of proposals, the creation of a single right-wing party with the League of Matteo Salvini and Fratelli from Italy by Giorgia Meloni (far right) until 2023, the theoretical date of the next parliamentary elections, to cut taxes.

Born on September 29, 1936, the son of a Milanese bank clerk founded one of the most powerful industrial and financial empires in Europe before entering politics in 1994.

At the head of the Fininvest holding company and the Mediaset television group, but also the AC Milan football club, he became Italy’s first fortune in the early 2000s and remained so for ten years.

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