Smart Electric Heaters Market To Take A Technologically Advanced Somersault

Understanding several aspects of smart home solutions and appliances, Persistence Market Research (PMR) has presented a weighted analysis on the global smart electric heaters market in its new research report titled “Smart Electric Heaters Market: Global Industry Analysis (2013-2017) and Forecast (2018-2026)”. Various facets of the market have been studied and their respective magnitudes across regions in the globe that influence the global market’s growth are analyzed. Several trends, growth drivers, restraints and developments are covered in this analytical research report.

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Smart Features to Trigger Demand for Smart Electric Heaters

Various smart features such as scheduling, monitoring, and data usage comparisons through tablets or smartphones along with zonal heating and self-learning ability is expected to create high demand for smart electric heaters. Remote monitoring provides the user with a detailed analysis and diagnosis of IoT enabled electric heater through application on smartphone. With this same application or even with help of thermostat, which works on Wi-Fi, the user can preset desired temperature and heating schedule at different times in a day. Few of the smart thermostat modules are integrated with self-learning features that allow them to study, comprehend and record the temperature requirements of the user. This feature is expected to fuel the market’s growth even further, as thermostat automatically alters the temperature after studying and observing the temperature settings set by the user during the initial few number of days.

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Growing Need for Temperature Control to Significantly Boost Global Market Demand for Smart Electric Heaters

The need for climate control and temperature maintenance, especially in cold regions, is expected to drive the market for smart electric heaters. While away, a user can maintain a cozy heated atmosphere at home or in office with the help of the smart features and eco-smart technology offered by a smart electric heater. Also, some smart water heaters automatically switch to electric heating when the sensors pick up a severe fall in temperature.

Integration of other connectivity platforms such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, RFID and HomeRF to connect smart electric heaters to the network infrastructure in households and workplaces can present potential opportunities in the coming years. This way more smart electric heaters can be added to the system and the remote access distance can be increased. This can drive the demand for smart electric heaters at a noteworthy pace.

Global Smart Electric Heaters Market: Competition Analysis

According to research, players should focus on working with leading research institutions to drive the market commercialization with respect to technologies being developed in the industry. Key players profiled in this extensive research report are Honeywell International Inc., Zehnder Group, V-Guard Industries Ltd., Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, A.O. Smith, Seimens AG, Danfoss, Rheen Manufacturing Company and Glen dimplex.

According to Persistence Market Research, smart electric heaters are expected to witness increased adoption in the coming years. The global market for market electric heaters is projected to expand at a stellar value CAGR of 15.3% throughout the period of assessment, 2018-2026. In 2017, the global market was valued at about US$ 554 Mn.

Key Insights on the Global Market

With respect to function, smart water heaters are gaining high traction and the segment is projected to expand at a relatively faster pace during the assessment period. However, smart climate control segment is expected to lead the global market. Residential end users have shown high inclination towards adoption of smart electric heaters. Sale of smart electric heaters for residential applications is expected to surpass a billion dollar benchmark in the years to follow. This is the most lucrative end use segment. By component, solution segment has shown high market valuation since past years and is expected to continue with this trend in coming years. Services segment in this category is projected to radiate high demand during the assessment period.

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