Snowden denounces monopolies

The failure found this Monday, October 4, by the social networks managed by the wealthy Mark Zuckerberg continues to arouse reactions in the world. In the blue bird social network, the whistleblower Edward Snowden violently criticized the head of Facebook and denounced the monopoly he holds in this sector. For him, the incident on Monday is a sufficient example to understand that it is bad policy.

Ask to break the monopoly

“Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are failing at the same time, this seems like a popular and easy-to-understand example of why breaking a certain monopoly into at least three parts might not be a bad idea. Someone should tell Elizabeth Warren. “Let him read the one that became famous by revealing the existence of several American and British mass surveillance programs.

Happiness sign …

Remember that before him, several people denounced the situation with a rather comical tone. Most of them have taken the Blue Bird social network by storm. Mark Zuckerberg’s competitors were delighted with the situation and did not hesitate to send him some swords. “Enrollment is on the rise at Signal (welcome to everyone). We also know what it’s like to work during an outage and we wish the best to the engineers who are working to restore service on other #mondays platforms, ”posted the secure messaging application Signal.

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