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Markus Söder is happy with the government’s corona policy: “In the end, everything went well.” Greens boss Habeck agrees with some reservations. The scene of unconventional thinkers is concerning.

Berlin (dpa) – CSU President Markus Söder and Greens boss Robert Habeck have assured Germany that they have coped well with the corona pandemic.

“In the end, it turned out well,” Söder said in a dispute with Habeck which was to be broadcast by “Spiegel”, “t-online” and “Vice” magazine. In this case, the Greens and the Union were very close to each other in the risk assessment. “We have protected our country well in this extremely exceptional situation.”

Habeck objected that the emphasis on school problems had been sharpened too late. It also took a long time, for example, until the masks were purchased or the vaccination campaign started. Overall, however, he made it clear that he shared the Bavarian Prime Minister’s benevolent appreciation: “Overall we have seen that the directions or actions of the government are correct.

Söder was alarmed by radicalization trends among vaccine opponents and corona deniers. “It worries me that part of this whole maverick scene isn’t just about vaccination, it’s about a different state, a different form of democracy,” he said. Some of them are people monitored by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The threats he personally received were “sometimes very violent”, including racist and anti-Semitic. At some point there will be a time when side thinkers “when in doubt will also have to sense that a state is not going to put up with it.”

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