Söder: FFP-2 compulsory in Bavaria no longer applicable | Free press

In the middle of the second wave of Corona, Bavaria advanced with an FFP-2 mask requirement, which then followed in many places. Now, however, simple medical masks should suffice in the Free State.

Munich (dpa) – Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder has announced a corona settlement for the coming week, regardless of the impact. In addition, the FFP-2 mask requirement is expected to drop in Bavaria.

“We will give a simpler and more understandable settlement along the way,” the CSU boss said in Munich on Thursday. He stressed that the 3G principle, in effect since this week, remains the basis with freedom for those who have been vaccinated, those who have recovered and those who have been tested. In addition, there will be alert levels that will take into account the hospital load. Depending on bed occupancy – including intensive care beds – there will be a yellow and red warning level, which will then have more stringent corona requirements.

Söder pointed out that there should no longer be any locking like in the first three corona waves. This is no longer legally possible when it comes to vaccinated and convalescent people.

In addition, according to Söder, the obligation to wear FFP-2 masks will fall in Bavaria, and so-called medical masks will be treated the same in the future. The next cabinet meeting in Bavaria will take place next Tuesday. Söder stressed that the details of the innovations would be worked out in the coming days and then discussed in cabinet.

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