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Munich (dpa) – The Union, which features in historic polls, is running out of time to change its mood ahead of the general election, according to CSU boss Markus Söder.

“If there is still a chance to break the trend, it will be this weekend,” said Söder of the German news agency in Munich. The CSU wants to start the trend reversal with its party congress on Friday and Saturday in Nuremberg “a little”. Without addressing it directly, Söder is also expected to include the second trial of the best candidates of the Union, the SPD and the Greens on Sunday at the ARD and ZDF on the weekend of the decision.

Union chancellor candidate Armin Laschet (CDU) is expected in Nuremberg on Saturday at the party congress. For Söder, it is clear that the Union can only win the elections if they work together: “It is no longer a question of style now. We all have to negotiate. The election is about the fate of millions of people in Germany. “

Söder again stressed that he was concerned that the situation for medium-sized businesses, families and married couples could deteriorate in Germany with a left-wing coalition led by the SPD. The threat of higher debts and less security.

Söder focuses on social issues

But despite the bad polls – the Union was more recently between 19 and 25 percent nationally, the CSU in Bavaria only 28 percent – Söder still sees the chance of winning the elections and especially social issues in the foreground : “As a Union, we must make it clear that we are there for the little people, for small businesses, the self-employed, master craftsmen, but also for those who, for example, have rent problems, childcare or retirement costs in large cities. We need an offensive for much higher housing allowances in heavily polluted regions in order to make housing affordable in addition to the brake on rents. The SPD talks about social justice, but the truth is that apart from the minimum wage, it has no serious social concept.

In addition, the Union must clarify “what threatens realistically” if the CDU and CSU do not lead the next federal government. With this in mind, a key motion must be passed at the party convention in which the CSU tries to win back unstable regular voters.

“In the summer I would have thought that a left alliance was unlikely, but now it’s clear: the reds, greens and the left party want each other,” Söder said. It means higher taxes, more debt and a weakened armed forces. “After Olaf Scholz has declared that he definitely wants to rule without the Union, it also means that a grand coalition is out of the question for the SPD.” There were only two options then: a red light or a left-wing government. “Both are on the left and you have to point them out.”

Re-election of Söder as a minor matter

In view of the dramatic situation in the Union, the very occasion of the party congress, the re-election of Söder as head of the party, is almost a minor matter. In 2019, Söder was first elected to the top of the CSU after a long power struggle with his predecessor Horst Seehofer. At that time, 87.4% of the delegates had voted for him.

Despite the bad starting position, Söder need not fear a bad result in his re-election. “We want to send a signal of determination and unity. Because we got Bavaria through the Corona crisis well and we are trying to take an ambitious path to meet the great challenge of climate protection which combines climate neutrality and prosperity and offers more climate protection, ”he said. -he declares. Of course, that means a change. “But the one that does not renew will be renewed by the voter.”

Söder does not hide his emotional state: “We live in serious times – and that is why our feelings are serious.” The corona crisis is not yet definitively defeated, a climate crisis is beginning and international security is rather unstable. “In this context, an electoral campaign is unfolding in which the Union faces a major challenge.”

Söder had already said months ago that in the event of electoral defeat, the Union would face a process of fundamental renewal. Söder does not want to say what this could mean concretely for the CDU. For CSU, however, it is true that it is already in a process of renewal. “It is a process that is not yet complete.”

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