Soil treatment market to be $3.8 billion industry by 2024; likely to surpass $5 billion by 2027

Soil treatment involves treating the soil to remove any unwanted elements such as weeds and pests.

The biology of your soil is a living system. Soil organisms such as earthworms and bacteria are capable of breaking down and decomposing unwanted materials such as weeds, crop residue and animal manure.

The biological activity in soil is measured by a process called the Soil Organic Matter (SOM). It is a measure of the energy stored and released from organic materials such as compost, crop residues and animal manures. This measurement also incorporates earthworms, pseudoscorpions, millipedes and mites as well as bacteria and fungi.

Soil organic matter contributes to better soil structure, nutrition for plants, higher water holding capacity and increased infiltration rates. It is also a reserve of nutrients used by living organisms such as plants and animals which are extracted from it as they need them.

Benefits of soil treatment:

– Remove unwanted materials from the soil.

– Reduce pests and plant growth problems.

– Improve nutrient cycling for plants, animals, and humans.

– Increase nutrient availability by reducing water soluble fertilizers.

– Protect and stabilize the soil’s structure.

– Extends food supplies, nutrition, quality of life and may even save lives during stressful situations.

Soil treatment market forecast for next few years

Soils across the world are in a state of decline. This has been attributed to factors such as climate change, unsustainable farming practices and increased use of pesticides and fertilizers. With these in mind, it’s not surprising that there is an urgent need for soil conservation measures.

One way that we can protect our soils is through the use of bioactive products. Bioactive products are capable of doing what no other product can do- providing the landscape with naturally derived solutions to control weeds, pests amongst others for natural plant protection, organic gardening and healthier lawns.

According to a recent study by Euromonitor International (2018) titled “Global Soil Treatment Market: Trends, Drivers and Industry Forecast 2018-2024” the global market for soil treatment is expected to reach a value of US$3.8 billion by 2024

This study also reveals that soil treatment products have been around for over 50 years but it wasn’t until recently that they started gaining popularity due in part to increased demand for organic products.

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