Soon two new vaccines against Covid-19

Since the emergence of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), several measures have been taken to prevent the disease from spreading around the world. The latter include vaccines against Covid-19, which have been offered by several pharmaceutical companies. After the vaccines Janssen, AstraZeneca, Moderna and BioNTech, which have been on the market for several months, France will also manufacture two vaccines.

Market launch in October 2021

These are developed by the Sanofi and Valvena laboratories. The latter announced yesterday, Monday, August 23, 2021 that it had begun the gradual filing of the application for initial approval of its vaccine candidate in the UK. In addition, she expects her product to be marketed at the end of this year, even if she has to publish the results of her clinical studies two months in advance. Sanofi also hopes to be able to launch its vaccine in December. Note that the announcement of the two French vaccines falls in a context where many are still reluctant to get vaccinated against the new coronavirus.

In France in particular, many people claim their right to be vaccinated or not. There are also several protest movements against the vaccines currently in use. Opponents of vaccination actually equate vaccinations with “gene therapy”. Many of these people already have greater confidence in vaccines from Valvena or Sanofi. Faced with this situation, the latter urged not to wait for vaccines made in France, since those already used are effective.

I can’t wait to read the opinions of the various experts and read the clinical studies to have my say.

I hope it will be successful to extend the vaccination and stop giving Anti-Vaxx an apology!

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