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Berlin (dpa) – Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn has once again called on the population to be vaccinated against Corona. “Each individual vaccination decision also determines how safely we can get through autumn and winter together,” the CDU politician said.

Spahn pointed out that people who have not been vaccinated are currently being treated for Covid-19 in intensive care units. “The point is, the health care system is not overburdened.” The number of unvaccinated people is still too large. At this stand, he could not be assured that there would not be a very heavy load or overload again.

According to Spahn, 66% of the population have been vaccinated at least once and 61.6% have full vaccine protection, as the minister wrote on Twitter.

Medical President Klaus Reinhardt calls for a restart due to the blocking of the vaccination campaign. Many unvaccinated people are not convinced that they refuse to vaccinate, the chairman of the German Medical Association of the German News Agency said. “In order to reach those undecided, the vaccination campaign in Germany must be completely rethought.” Initially, the request to “roll up your sleeves” worked. “But now we need much more targeted communication measures and low-threshold immunization offers.” Creative concepts are in demand. “The vaccination rate is too low throughout Germany, but especially in the eastern Länder,” Reinhardt explained.

“This is where we vaccinate” action week

The federal government wants to kick off the vaccinations with a week of nationwide action starting next Monday. In collaboration with the Länder, it calls for easy-to-see offers to be made in as many places as possible – for example in sports clubs, with volunteer firefighters, in pharmacies or multigenerational homes – with the motto: “This is where the vaccination takes place.” Vaccination offers are available on the website

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) wishes to meet this Wednesday with the head of the Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wieler, on the progress of the vaccination campaign. On the program “RTL Direkt” he said he was always amazed at the number of people who had not yet been vaccinated when they had no problem with the vaccination: “We want to give them an opportunity easy.”

The state governments of Saxony and Thuringia, the two countries with the fewest initial vaccinations, are also banking on this. “We see that education and discussions are important to convince people who are still hesitant,” said Saxon Minister of Health Petra Köpping (SPD) of the dpa. Use all available channels.

Thuringian Minister of Social Affairs Heike Werner (left) called on citizens to use the offers. “We have put a lot of effort into getting vaccines as close to the people as possible,” said Werner of the dpa. She mentioned vaccination campaigns in shopping centers, at sporting events and without appointments.

Others are skeptical, such as the mayor of Berlin Michael Müller (SPD). “We have done a lot of educational work,” he said on Tuesday, referring to letters and media campaigns as well as low-threshold offers. But everything is getting worse. “I’m now getting to a point where I think we may have exhausted what we can do as a policy.”

The chairman of the German Children’s Fund, Thomas Krüger, has called on all adults to receive the protection advice out of consideration for children who cannot be vaccinated. “It is totally reckless not to get vaccinated,” he told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ). Children have been asked a lot in recent months due to the closure of schools and daycares to protect the elderly. Now the consideration must go the other way.

61.5% fully vaccinated

So far 61.5% of the population in Germany have been fully vaccinated, 65.9% have at least one vaccination (RKI data from Tuesday). In order to smooth out the fourth wave of the pandemic, an 80 to 90 percent vaccination rate is considered necessary.

The director of virology at Essen University Hospital has warned of overloading in intensive care units. “We are slowly ruining the health care system,” said Ulf Dittmer of the “Rheinische Post”. In his clinic, the number of patients with severe symptoms is 23. Among them, 20 are not vaccinated and the youngest is 20 years old. Dittmer therefore called for a discussion on compulsory vaccination. “We have to talk about it,” he said. There is already no more free space in North Rhine-Westphalia for treatment with an artificial heart-lung.

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