SPD Tax Evasion Portal Criticism – Baerbock Praises Idea |

While the SPD, Union, FDP and AfD criticize the online reporting platform for investigating tax evaders in Baden-Württemberg, Annalena Baerbock can imagine such a platform at federal level.

Berlin (dpa) – The online reporting platform for investigating tax evaders in Baden-Württemberg has also been criticized by the SPD. The Union, the FDP and the AfD had already accused the Minister of Finance of the Green State Danyal Bayaz of promoting denunciation on the Internet with the “tax pillory”.

The spokesperson for financial policy of the SPD parliamentary group, Lothar Binding, now cuts in the same notch: “It fosters a culture of mistrust, resentment, subordination and denunciation” and must not “infiltrate our society, “he told Bild television station. Live.

Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz spoke more cautiously: it was “important that we pay all our taxes fairly, and I guess most citizens do the same,” said the SPD candidate for the chancellor. Otherwise, there have been “very good practices” for a long time, in which case “the tax officials have to do their job”.

On the other hand, the candidate for Green Chancellor Annalena Baerbock can imagine such an anonymous reporting platform at the federal level. “We need to create places where you can also report when you know there is violent tax evasion,” she said on Wednesday evening on “the Bundestag election broadcast” on the Prosieben television channel. This will now be done in Baden-Württemberg and would in fact “also have been the job of a federal finance minister,” Baerbock said. “The next federal government should introduce this as well.”

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