Swiss clearly in favor of marriage for all in referendum |

Critics had again tried to use the supposed welfare of children to create an anti-marriage mood for everyone. But the Swiss have decided otherwise.

Bern (dpa) – As one of the worst performing countries in Western Europe, Switzerland now allows marriage for all. The advance of critics who wanted to prevent this failed in a referendum on Sunday.

According to a first extrapolation from the polling institute gfs.bern half an hour after the polls close, 64 percent voted for marriage for all. With a three percent margin of error, it was clear that the result could no longer change significantly. The government has not yet determined when the change in the law will take effect.

Opponents had tried in vain to create an atmosphere with photos of crying children. It is not only about couples, but also about the well-being of the children. They claimed, without any scientific basis, that the children of the so-called Rainbow Families are having a hard time. They are particularly against the tide that these couples are now allowed to adopt children and that lesbian women have access to sperm donation.

There was also a vote on an initiative of the Young Socialists who want to ask the richest in the country to pay more for the taxation of capital. Two-thirds of voters rejected it.

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