Test of a suppository for severe forms in France

In September 2020, researchers at the Institut Pasteur de Lille (IPL) discovered the existence of a molecule that may be active against the coronavirus and in all probability will not have any side effects. Almost a year after the discovery of this molecule, clofoctol, this Saturday, June 12th, the institute was authorized to conduct clinical trials of its suppository against severe forms of the virus. It was the French National Medicines Safety Agency that gave the institute in Lille the necessary permits to start the scientific experiments that had been awaited for months.

This clinical study of the molecule will consider specific patients in the region selected by general practitioners. According to the IPL’s chief scientist, patients taking the test must have recently tested positive, be over 50 years old, have at least one symptom, and not be vaccinated. In fact, IPL researchers want to see the results of their molecule in these patients.

Reduce your risk of exacerbation by 50%

Half of that will be given a single placebo for the test to be valid. The treatment, clofoctol, should be taken twice a day for five days. If, after several months of the study, the Institut Pasteur de Lille succeeds in achieving the expected results, that is, reducing the risk of deterioration in the condition of the patients who have taken the suppository by 50%, it will apply for marketing authorization of the drug.

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