the appeal of a European diplomat to the ECOWAS states –

Cybercrime is a veritable plague for the countries of West Africa. Its financial, social and political impact is well established and these countries need a real investment in the fight against this scourge. At least, this is what the ambassador of the European Union in Côte d’Ivoire, Jobst von Kirchmann, suggested during the opening ceremony of the symposium on cybersecurity in West Africa that took place in Abidjan since yesterday, Tuesday, September 28. It must be said that the European Union is funding a project called Ocwar-C (Organized Crime: West Africa’s Response to Cybersecurity and Fight Against Cybercrime).

“Precise objectives, but also safe budgets”

This project aims to help West Africa, that is to say the ECOWAS countries, to finance strategies to combat cybercrime. Implemented by Expertise France and funded by the EU for a sum of more than 5 billion CFA francs, the program covers the period from February 1, 2019 to January 31, 2023. The European Union Ambassador to Côte d’Ivoire stressed the importance of the contribution of the ECOWAS countries to this program. Clearly, it calls for the participation of all the member states of the subregional organization in the project because it will be a determining factor in its outcome.

Therefore, the success of the project will depend on the level of participation of the governments of the ECOWAS countries. For the European diplomat, “it is about ensuring that the regional strategy adapts to the national framework, translating a clear vision and precise objectives, but also secure budgets, because it is about efforts to be made in the long term, without which no we will win this battle that has been fought for us ”, warned the EU ambassador in Côte Ivoire.

“Countries have a duty to create a good capacity for reaction and collaboration”

Clearly, the ECOWAS countries must also put their hands in their pockets and ensure a common strategy to combat this scourge, to eradicate it. The representative of the ECOWAS commissioner in charge of telecommunications at this symposium, Raphael Koffi, was visibly on the same wavelength as the European diplomat. The man agrees that “countries have a duty to create a good capacity for reaction and collaboration. They must share information in the field of fighting cybercrime, he said.

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