The Delta variant raises hopes in the world –

The introduction of the delta variant shakes all plans and hopes for vaccination management worldwide. In fact, we can see an increase in the number of cases worldwide. While some hikes are minimal compared to those previously seen, governments remain cautious.

In South Africa, for example, citizens have voiced their concern and are fed up with the slowness of the vaccination campaign. In Australia, the city of Sydney decided to reconfigure several neighborhoods after 65 cases of the Delta variant were confirmed by the authorities.

The delta variant worries the whole world

But that’s not all. The situation is becoming tense in Great Britain, and the numbers are breaking records in Russia as well. Israel, which has been praised for its vaccination model, has also decided to respond to the many risks by reintroducing the mask requirement in closed public places and in shops.

Limitations lifted despite doubts

In Europe, the lifting of restrictions in Portugal has been suspended, urging Germany to ban the arrival of Portuguese nationals or other travelers from the region on its soil. Whatever is supposed to scare certain nations like Switzerland, Italy or even Iceland, they continue to work towards lifting health restrictions.

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