The formation of the government in Saxony-Anhalt on the home stretch |

After the SPD, the CDU and the FDP also want to announce whether they will accept the planned black-red-yellow government alliance in Saxony-Anhalt. It would be an unusual coalition.

Magdeburg (dpa) – A good three months after the state elections, the final decisions on the path to a black-red-yellow state government are pending in Saxony-Anhalt.

As the last party, the FDP will vote on joining the coalition at a party convention on Friday evening. In the afternoon, the CDU will announce the outcome of its decision to join on the draft coalition agreement. In a vote by SPD members, 63.4% had already voted in favor of the alliance. If the CDU and FDP are now also in agreement, the coalition agreement could be signed on Monday.

Three days later, the current Executive Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU) in Magdeburg could be elected for his third term and continue to govern in the third color combination: in 2016, the CDU and the SPD had lost their majority and, with the Greens, Germany’s first black-red-green state government was educated. If the FDP now joins the coalition in place of the Greens, it would be the first governmental alliance of the CDU, the SPD and the FDP in reunified Germany. The three parties last reigned together in Saarland and Bremen in the 1950s.

Special Coalition

The majority of the coalition would also be special: after their electoral victory in June, the CDU would have sufficed with 37.1 per cent, the SPD (8.4 per cent) for a narrow majority in the parliament of the Land of Magdeburg. Haseloff was too uncertain, however, the five FDP MPs are supposed to stabilize the majority. The FDP is said to be the only government faction in Germany whose votes do not depend on the coalition to which it belongs.

The Greens had ruled out a continuation of the previous coalition because of the black-red majority and the risk of being outvoted by the coalition partners. They criticized the alliance as a “spare wheel coalition”. There had also been criticism in the ranks of the SPD. After the explorations in June, members warned at a party convention against becoming a majority backer for black and yellow.

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