The G20 discusses the corona pandemic in Rome |

Rome (AP) – Health ministers from the top 20 industrialized and emerging countries (G20) want to campaign for more equity in the distribution of corona vaccines around the world.

Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza said Sunday evening in Rome that the conditions were right for concluding a “Pact of Rome”. A mandatory point of the agreement is to create conditions under which everyone has the right to be vaccinated and they are not the privilege of a few. There is a very strong imbalance, said Speranza. The richest countries now have very high vaccination rates, the other countries are lagging behind. Italy currently holds the presidency of the G20.

100 million doses of vaccines from Germany

According to Health Minister Jens Spahn, Germany wants to make 100 million doses of vaccine available as part of the international coronavirus vaccination campaign by the end of the year. “This is as much as we have so far vilified in our country,” the CDU politician said on the sidelines of the meeting. The goal is to have vaccinated at least 40 percent of the world’s population by the end of the year. The pandemic will not be over until it is over all over the world. Otherwise, variations could arise which would then reach Germany again and cause problems.

Meanwhile, Russia called on G20 states to mutually recognize their digital coronavirus vaccination passports. It is important to develop common concepts for cross-border travel for vaccinated people, said Health Minister Michail Muraschko, according to his ministry. “To this end, it is important to consider the mutual recognition of vaccination (…).”

Joint statement expected

The focus of the two-day meeting of G20 health ministers is the corona pandemic. A joint declaration is expected at the end of the conference. The ministers want to give advice on the next steps in the pandemic and discuss ways to make scientific knowledge more accessible around the world. The objective is “a strong message of cooperation, solidarity and justice, with the conviction that no one will be left behind”, said the organizers in Italy. In addition, advice should be given on how to prevent or better prepare for a future pandemic.

Spahn and Speranza highlighted how important vaccination is now for development in the months to come. “Now in September we will decide in Germany and Europe how safe we ​​can get through autumn and winter,” Spahn said. In order to get through the next few months safely, “five million more vaccinations and more are needed in Germany”.

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