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The commission responsible for overseeing medical care structures in Benin recently made headlines by closing six maternity clinics in the departments of Atlantique and Zou. These are the “St. Léo Nursing Practice”, the “Hospital Clinic” in Godomey, the “Humanitarian Birth Ste Anne Ste Elisabeth” practice in Cové, the “God Alone” practice in Akassato and two other Cococodji cabinets, namely “The Hand of God ”and“ Yelen Holy of God ”.

“We have had to close some of these nursing practices and maternity hospitals, whose infrastructure, environment and services are rather worrying for patient health safety. The immersion controls in health centers were carried out by departmental cells, ”said the chairman of this commission, Professor Blaise Ayivi, during a press conference on Friday, June 25th. The observed deviations are particularly related to non-compliance with the requirements of nursing practices and maternity clinics.

“These deviant behaviors have so far been dealt with with sanctions”

For example, Professor Ayivi informs that these cabinets are often unsanitary. Often absent promoters and caregivers tend to make irrelevant diagnoses when treatment is inadequate. He ensures that those affected are punished according to the severity of the facts ascribed to them. The Chairman of the Control Commission has also pointed out that permanent government or contract employees are again working with private customers. Blaise Ayivi now promises to waive sanctions and entrust them to justice.

“We have just been informed about the takeover of private customers by certain permanent or contractual agents of the state. Deviating behavior was also reported to us in biomedical analysis laboratories with uncertainty about the analysis results and falling sales. Until now, this deviant behavior has been dealt with through sanctions such as location assignments, requests for explanations and warnings. From now on, justice will be seized, ”he warns. It is worth recalling that the government had formally prohibited state-employed health workers from working for private clients.

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