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The Pasteur Institute recruits for clinical trials –

The Pasteur Institute would like to recruit volunteers to carry out a clinical study as part of the treatment against Covid-19. The information was actually released on Monday, September 6, 2021. We would like to point out that the selection of candidates is based on age. These are patients over 50 years of age who have not received a vaccine against the coronavirus, but have at least one symptom of the disease.

Between 350 and 700 patients

As part of this research, the Pasteur de Lille Institute aims to have “between 350 and 700 patients”. The structure relies much more on doctors and laboratories to achieve the goal of bringing that number of people together for testing. According to Professor Xavier Nassif, Director General of the Institute, the recruitment currently only affects Hauts-de-France.

“We want to expand it to other regions”

However, he tried to point out that it will later be expanded to other regions. “We are trying to expand it to other regions, especially the Antilles,” said the institute’s director general. It also went back to the research deadline. “Six months ago it would have been easier,” he said. For him, despite the progress in vaccination, “everyone remains motivated because we don’t know how this epidemic will end”.

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